Thursday, October 13, 2005

What really Happened to Fat Pat

First off I didn't write this, but I don't have a way to link it up.

Okay through all the years at the screw shop...The one thing that we all have wondered is what exactly happened to Pat. Why did he get smoked? Well I have finally cracked the mystery and I am 100% sure this is why Pat got shot 2 times in the head...Peep game.

This story comes from none other than the original Screwed Up Clicksta and real Dead End O.G. T-Bone.

We have all known that Pat was deep in the dope game when he was alive in Houston. Well when it was time to get into the concert scene who better to go to then the one nigga that connects Austin with H-town, Weasel. Pat started doing some shows with Weasel and he also started telling everyone that he was getting out of the dope game because he was going to try the music biz for a minute. The whole time they were doing shows Pat was peeping game and they were pulling a hustle on Weasel to get him for his super chickens. So one day Weasel gets his safe house cleaned out and that's right before the last concert they had in Austin. Word gets around to Weasel that it was Pat and them who done it, but when Weasel brought it up to Pat he was like "man I told you before that I'm out of the dope game and I'm all about the music now." Well weasel knew that Pat stopped hustling because when he tried to pay him for the shows he did in Austin Pat didn't want to take dope instead of money as a form of payment. So Weasel gave Pat a ticket and let him slide this time.
Ok skip forward about a month. Weasel is doing better and has gotten back on his grind. Pat and his potna Snoop are riding around the southside in Snoops purple suburban that said S.UC. on the side, when all of a sudden Pat gets a call from Weasel. It turns out that Weasel is in H-Town looking for some fast work. Weasel wanted to know if they could meet up and talk because he got some cash on him right now. Well they met up by sharpstown mall in Houston and Weasel asks Pat if he can get him some bricks because his people are dry and he knows that Pat got the strings when it comes to finding work on the southside, but Pat tells him that he don't grind any more and he really don't want to get involved in anything like that. Then they talked about doing some more shows and maybe that would help Weasel get out of the dope game too. Weasel is like, bet lets do this. Pat ask Weasel about getting paid for the last show in Austin and Weasel tells him that he can break bread (pay him) after he earns back some of the money he lost from getting his safe house cleaned out. Remember Weasel thought that Pat had something to do with that. So Pat agrees and they part ways. The reason Pat did not serve him up with work (help him out) was because they don't do things like that in the Dead End (where Pat was from). If you ain't click you can't get shit from Fat Pat or any of them. They won't even try to help you, plus they already got that nigga for all them things in Austin.

So now Pat calls his boy Blunt and they meet up and he and Snoop parts ways.

So now Snoop is riding around with some other nigga and he sees Weasel cruising around and he tells this nigga that he gonna jack that nigga Weasel for his money because he just came to town looking to get some work and he got a lot of money on him. The nigga with Snoop agrees to go along with the jacking. So Snoop flashes down Weasel with his head-lights. Weasel is like "Man that's Pat in the suburban flashing me down, he must have found me some work."
So Weasel pulls over right by sharpstown mall to see what's going down. Snoop gets out of the suburban first and turns up his bang (stereo) all the way cuz he thought he was gonna have to shoot weasel in the parking lot and the stereo would drown out the noise from the shots.
So as soon as Weasel gets out of his car and approaches Snoop. He asks where Pat was and what's going on. Then the next thing you know Snoop and his potna are jacking Weasel for like
50 g's. This was the money that Weasel was gonna use to score some bricks. Well Weasel cooperates with the jacking and the whole thing is done in a heart beat. But it's far from over. Weasel rushes right to his girls house on the westside and calls up Pat and tells Pat that he got the cheese (money) for the concerts shows. So Pat, Blunt and Hawk head on over to meet up with Weasel to get paid. At this point it has only been like 15 minutes since Weasel got jacked. So they finally show up at the apartment were Weasel is. Pat gets out and runs to the apartment to get his cash. Weasel calmly opens the door and invites Pat in. When Pat enters the apartment he sees that there are two other people in the apartment with masks on. At first Pat thought they were just playing a joke on him, but then Weasel tells him that he knows that Pat had something to do with his safehouse getting cleaned out in Austin. Pat denies to the fullest and reminds Weasel that he gave him a ticket and let him slide. Not this time. Weasel says " I know your lying because Snoop just jacked me for 50 thousand dollar!! You tried to get me caught up again but not this time." Weasel then tells Pat to call up Snoop on his cell ands ask him what just went down. So Pat pulls out his cell phone and calls up Snoop, but before he could even finish talking Pat gets shot in the head. Snoop hearing everything that's happening calls up Hawk on the phone and tells him "man I think Pat's in trouble!! He is with that nigga Weasel and I think he just got shot!!!" Hawk and Blunt run to the apartment and break down the door but is was to late............. Pat was already gone........damn...

The rest is history. Fat Pat's first album comes out after his death and precedes to because an instant classic and Fat Pat becomes a legend in Houston as well as Texas. It's a shame that Pat got killed because he was kinda left out of the loop on the jacking.


That's the story I got and it is a sad one. I will try my best to find out more about Pat and post it. Thanks. I hope you enjoyed it.


Anonymous dapog said...

man this was a good story. more ppl shld read this. cuz alot of pat fans from the ghetto dreams days dn't really knw how he got killed. i had heard it hd smthng to do wit a promoter from austin, but this sheds lite.

2:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn thats fucked up man Brother Pat wouldve blown up Houston big time he had skills still jammin that gangsta strut Rip Pat really i even think now Pat had Some real skills like tupac biggie wayne i even think that Pat flowed better than that boy lil wayne but man all we can do is dream now and his brother 2 they both was good but mayn they fuckd us up man

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea thats right. I was told the entire story from a very very close friend of weasel... i know thats the truth cuz of that bitch ass nigga snoop i hope he got his

4:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what happened to weasel or snoop after that?
because in Big Hawk's joint, Swang. He said I'ma swang, and a swang, and a swang to the left, pop my trunk for Fat Pat's death. I would give my last breath if I could bring you back, bring Screw back, a matter of fact bring the whole crew back.
My guess is Big Hawk put Weasel or snoop in the dirt nap and that caused Hawk's death later on.
Correct me if im wrong

6:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Weasel not dead...N!##@ locked up.

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Weasel served time for pats death. He got out the state and is now locked up under the "kingpin Law" like a mandatory 30 in the feds. He like pat is a good Nigga . Knew both of them. They were really cool too. It was the people around them that made everything go bad. Plus there was way more to it than that.

7:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the fuck is wrong with people? I mean, I'm broke, and I don't go out looking for somebody to rob. I've been done wrong (just like everybody else) a bunch of times in my life, and I've never decided that killing somebody is the solution. For me to shoot somebody, my life, or a loved one's life would have to be in danger. Other than that, the only possible thing that could make me kill would be revenge on somebody that killed a family member, and only if I knew 100% that person was responsible.

How can people be so cold and uncivilized? And don't these fools realize that if they play that game, the overwhelming odds are that sooner rather than later they'll get killed too? Or they'll end up in prison... or killed in prison. Either way, that road eventually leads to a dead end. Robbing and stealing other people's shit is bad enough. Murdering somebody because they 'disrespected' you or any other typical reason is just ridiculous. It's pathetic and sad, and needs to stop.

(And I'm sorry for ranting on a very old blog entry. I just read this and it made me think about my boy that was shot and killed several years ago over some dumb shit. Brought back some bad memories. Its just shocking to me that so many people are willing to take somebody's life over almost anything)

5:44 AM  

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